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Leave it to Me

I would love to know the secret to being able to sleep in…awake at 5:30 I finally got up about an hour later. My coffee is quite palatable and it does give me time to get so very much accomplished in so little time.

I am not sure where to start but do try to be quiet for Tony and Tim to sleep. Tim has not heard back from his job interview…it is a “we shall see” situation. He felt that he had a shoe in but it had to do with the final results of the record check. Sad to be so young and so behind because of STUPID choices.

At the end of my shift last evening I noticed a distinguished looking man that I had seen before on our floor. He was communicating with our bosses for quite some time. As I left I noticed him looking my way and I smiled. He reminded me of a good friend from Nfld.. Before I left the building I looked for my car keys and could not find them and told the second in command my dilemma. She teased “Miss Congeniality” and I laughed it off.  Had I left them in the ignition? I doubted it but could not imagine where my keys would be. I keep them in my coat pocket or purse for my shift.

I opened the car door waiting to hear the indicator that my keys were in the ignition. NOPE! hmmm…I would have to go back inside and look for my keys again.

My pass key was in the bottom of my bag so I waited until the young lady leaving came through then stepped into the glass secure entryway and then I knelt down on the floor. Taking everything out from purse and work bag I rifled through reams of papers, receipts, etc.. Looking up I saw coming out of the building the distinguished looking middle aged male from a few moments ago. O great!!

He stopped and looked down at me “Key problems?” I nodded my head and assured him it was nothing to worry about. He wanted to somehow give me assistance but I smilingly told him it would be okay as this is just life and although I never said it I indicated that I don’t sweat the small stuff. Why would I? I knew Tony would grumble but he would come and pick me up. I just didn’t want to have to call him.

I went back to my work station and found my keys laying right directly under my chair. Funny I had missed them before! Stopping to talk to the second in command I told her that I had found them. She remarked that she had wondered how “Miss Congeniality” would handle this one! I told her about “that man who was on the floor earlier stopped to give assistance as I was sprawled all over the entry way with my possessions”. She started to laugh. “do you know who THAT man is??” I shrugged my shoulders. “THAT man is the general manager of our company!” hahahaha! **rolls my eyes**

You know…when I make mistakes I do it for the most important people to see huh??


Most Valuable?

I won the MVP award tonight at work for the quarter…not bad since I have only been there one quarter! The other co workers teased me and called me “Miss Congeniality” and assured me that I so deserved this award- it caught me off guard for sure. I also won an award for perfect attendance.

It is Friday and I am doing the “Happy tap my toes” as I am toooo tired to dance!! Hopefully I will catch up with you all this weekend.

Thursday- all day long!

I am not around much- not writing, not reading. My days are spent at work and work and I could tell you that keeps me outta trouble but then, who is the subject here? Really though at my workplace it is because my parents are going through some difficult situations and I am attempting to help them. This proves difficult as sometimes I am getting both sides of the same- well?- story and I feel double minded, not quite sure who to believe. Pray I can walk this tightrope of life and not pass judgment as I do so.

On Monday night after work I turned to the man behind me and he mourned how poorly he has been doing on the phones. I commented that there isn’t much you can do about it. He responded “I could hang myself”! He said it seriously flippant if that makes sense. Anyway I forgot his words until I went into work on Tuesday and he was not there and then Wednesday and still away…

I spoke vaguely to my boss and wondered if he had called in. It seems he called in on Tuesday sick. I dunno…why do people feel it is ok to say these kind of things to me? Another person just that day had confided that they had felt like taking their both bottles of pills. arghhhhhh!

Ever have anything trouble you deeply? Yet…my biggest stumbling block is me.

Praying specifically for Tim today as he has a job interview at a place he is very interested in. I hope his record does not keep him from getting the job. Tony is out and about snowblowing. The day is incredibly wet and messy. Here is hoping I can get out of the driveway this morning.

Everyone is Getting a Year Older

The weekend seemed exceptionally short. I spent a lot of time cleaning- even a moment ago I was scrubbing and cleaning bathrooms. My bedroom needed organized so while I spoke to some friends on the phone clothes were folded and the room slowly transformed into peace and tranquility. I really don’t do messy well! Unfortunately due to my heavy work schedules messy prevails more than I prefer.

Yesterday we took Tim to his favorite haunt for dinner- Swiss Chalet. 24 years ago he had his first meal and it wasn’t chicken and ribs! So my youngest child has turned almost a quarter of a century. We went out to friends again last evening for munchies and dessert while we played dice. It was a treat for them (not) as I was wound for sound! uh oh!! Will we get invited back?? I know it is at times like that when everyone is glad I don’t drink or do drugs.

Periwinkle has no internet so be patient…she will be back!

Kori’s birthday is tomorrow so I have purchased a cake and will go in early to decorate…btw…I have one of those coming up on Feb. 04 and I will expect many accolades, cards, gifts and money from all of  you…the paypal button will be put up soon…ROLLS MY EYES once more!! ok…a virtual card in my email??

Weekend on the Horizon

My life is full and busy. I am kept busy by just focusing on behaving! Imagine that?

Tony snores on the couch. He is feeling somewhat better but it has been a rough week with his leg paining relentlessly. Tim is out at a birthday party a friend organized for him. He called a moment ago and snickered into the phone “There are a ton of girls here- wish me luck! oh and everyone is asking me if I am working out. I say “who me? nooo!”

Tim is working out daily and his raw sinewy frame is well defined and muscled. My son is a very handsome lad. BOTH of my sons are! Colby and Monique have been in Newfoundland as her dad passed away last week.

Work at the newspaper went. A new boss took over on Monday. He needs to unwind as he is strung tighter than a fiddle string. Several of the workers who have been there much longer than he has been with the company were rather put off by his manner and work to rule attitude. I took a different route and teased the poor fella! For some reason I did get away with it and he seemed to unwind significantly. He is young…and cute as a button!! hehehe! That is the advantage of being an old lady.

Tonight as I stood up from my desk I spoke to the top saleslady and she bit my head off! I had no idea why but figured it was displacement. When we went to the washroom she apologized and I told her that she now owed me one. I am a good person to dump on as I am comfortable with me enough that I just didn’t take it personal. She relayed to me that she just isn’t sure about the new boss. He has to act and react this way as he marks his territory and sets the standards and boundaries. The guy behind me also drives her nutso. He used to pick at me but not any more as he realizes you cannot bother someone who won’t allow themselves to be bothered.

It is going to be a rough couple of weeks at work as everyone adjusts. With my life as it is- this is small potatoes!!

Sticking Around Here

Its very early. I awoke to Tony snoring loudly at about 4ish. I was relieved to hear that as he has had a very bad leg and unable to sleep- at all! a few months back his doctor told him that he has arthritis and there isn’t much they can do. However I think he wrenched his leg since and has torn something. I am pressing him to go and see a doctor ASAP!

I am not in a good place in my life. I am not happy but know that is my own responsibility. I guess I need to back track here and clarify exactly what I mean by all of this. I am not at peace would be a somewhat better evaluation.

Where do I start? First I am not satisfied where I am at spiritually. I need to make some things right with my God- go back to the first commandment and “Have no other gods before me”. The “gods” I cherish and put before Him are usually in the form of friends and acquaintances, people who cause me to stumble and question the obvious and the near and dear in my life- my marriage, my family, etc..I need to surround myself with positive people and stop allowing others negativity to seep into my soul and eventually my spirit.

I need to clear away all the “wood, hay and stubble” and spend my time doing things with eternity’s values in view. It involves getting serious and digging my heels in. Much soul seeking and time spent in the Word is needed. God’s word is wisdom and balm to my aching spiritual muscles. It has been rough and much rougher than any of you could ever know.

Secondly I am not satisfied with others but others are areas I have no control over. I can talk with them, build relationships and pray for them but I learned a long time ago to let them go. I cannot make them be or do anything nor is it my responsibility to make them happy, wealthy or wise.I have tried to spread myself too thin and be responsible for too many other people’s futures and happiness. Time for them to “suck it up buttercup”.

Thirdly my childcare services is amazing. The kids thrive and grow in the environment. But it just isn’t big enough. I am afraid of growth and change- loss of power. Momentarily Kori and I share the business but we need to tear down the walls and build bigger- expand. I am looking for a unique childcare experience where I can continue with my goals and ideals but reach further into the community. My childcare is more than babysitting- it reaches out and ministers to the family also. My relationship with each parent and family is unique and I am able to help these young families where they are at. I have been given much in life and need to allow these blessings and experience to well up, overflow and touch the lives of people who need the “touch of the Master’s hand” in the here and now.

Writing this down was therapeutic, I probably will frequent this site more than JS as I can feel closer here and know who it is that has stopped by.

I have much much more to pen but it takes time to formulate my thots and time for you to chew it up and process it…

back later…

On Relationships…part 2

Thanks for all the comments in regards to relationships. I agree with all of your thoughts. I can explain the ideal relationship in my mind -Friends first, lovers second. You know the old proverb “Marry someone you like talking to as someday that is all you will have left”. I like having similar interests, goals and ideals but also allowing me to be me. After all if I have to become somebody else for my spouse then I am no longer me anymore am I? I also like a relationship where I don’t have to talk- where we can enjoy each other in solitude.Sit on the porch with a cup of coffee watching the sun go down…listening to the crickets and the whip0orwills…

There are other issues of trust and honesty but I think that is a result of feeling accepted with the one you love. I am most definitely a “self fulfilling prophesy” sort of person. You get from me what you think I am…does that make sense?

Still thinking on this…give me your two cents…