Pease Porridge Hot

“It is tooo hot!” Mama Blair exclaims and sits down at the puter desk. I made my morning fare of porridge and await the curling iron and hair straightener to heat up while the porridge cools. Cannot be content can I?

Today is action packed, as usual! A chicken and pork roast waft a comforting essence on this prelude to a storm day. Goldiron mentioned snow his way yesterday and later tonight we are promised another “Big One”!

Late in the day yesterday a friend contacted me to teach the teens this morning as she had forgotten that she will be away. Not a problem except it takes preparation. I read a few verses as I pulled the sheets tight around me last night and fell asleep meditating on the lesson. Unfortunately my mind did not stop all night and my sleep was restless as a result. However I got up with the lesson close to prepared. It took a few moments to sit down and type up my outline and the outline for the teens.

I also teach Junior Church this morning and decided to deviate from my normal lesson and revise the Teen’s lesson for younger ones. Easier that way?

Today is Periwinkle/Stella/ Toni’s birthday!!

I miss her a lot with her puter being down…

Time for porridge…how is your day?


Comments on: "Pease Porridge Hot" (6)

  1. Happy Birthday to Periwinkle!! I wish she’d update, I miss her entries!

  2. Happy Birthday, Toni!

    I haven’t had porridge in a long, long time.

  3. maggsworld said:

    Please pass on my bestest birthday wishes for Toni (I miss her too, I do!) I udnerstand the mind working while we almost sleep routine as well. Maggs

  4. I miss Toni Too. Happy Birthday to her!

  5. I guess we all miss her. Please send her belated happy birthday wishes from me when you next speak. 🙂

  6. Oh Yes, nearly forgot, did the promised storm materialize?

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