Signup for COW’s

You guys always make me smile! I attempted to catch up on some of my reading this morning and found this little gem in Magg’s journal- she said she was a COW- a Cranky Old Woman! and you know…maybe that is what is wrong with me?? hehehe! Should we start a club?

On the phones last night was laughable if it wasn’t so pitiful! I called one salesman to offer him the paper and he took 15 minutes to dissect my promotion. At the end I had my head laid on my desk, eyes closed and answering his questions. When I lifted my head the two women beside me were in hysterics! They have a bet on whether he will actually buy the paper next Friday on a callback to him. Oh and the callback has to be from “Lou”, not “Sally” or “Jane”, or he won’t talk to them! My work peers figure that I am an easy soft touch. I am sick to death of men hearing that they love listening to my “sexy voice” and I can call them anytime for “anything”.

I hung up from the idiot- oh and in the place for callback I wrote for my own reference- “idjit” and will know exactly who it is- I took this call. The man was drunk at 7:20 p.m. and the conversation went like this “you want to read the paper to me for $2.90?” “no, sir, I want to sell you the paper for $2.10 a week!” “well sweetheart, I am blind, my sister is blind, my other sister is blind. It runs in our family! Even my dog is blind! Now, if you would come over and read me the paper even for $2.90 I will buy it!” I had had enough of Xerox salespeople- that is what the first guy sold- and people claiming to be blind so replied “Sir I would but I cannot! I am blind too! Now I am going to hang up, have a great evening!!”

The next woman was 71 years old and on a lot of meditations for her health problems. She took “1 meditation before breakfast” and 7 pills after!!

I get home to a message that Nathan isn’t coming in this week. The week ends today right? His dad had forgotten to call with the message on Monday so thought to keep himself out of trouble with his wife he best call on Friday…hehehe!

The next message was very touching. We took Gracie and Ashley shopping at a second hand store yesterday. We foraged through the costumes, books, then the dresses. Each of the girls chose “Princess dresses”, then we allowed them to choose several shirts and skorts, shorts etc. to put in the bucket. After we were all done we displayed their choices and let them choose the dress and two other things. Life lessons learned early. Gracie chose a very Gracie sweater- pink, fluffy and crocheted roses attached! oh my but tacky! She chose a little pink tye dyed skirt with attached leotard! UGLY! Ashley chose two adorable little shirts and the dress had a black velvet top and red satiny full skirt. Her clothes were beautiful! great taste already. I then allowed them to choose an outfit for Melodie and a little Dora skort for Josee as they were coming in later. A Cars shirt and book were put in the basket for Nathaniel as it was his birthday party with us yesterday afternoon.

Gracie’s mom called and left a message that Gracie would not take off her dress and could not stop talking about her day. The call ended with the mom’s voice breaking and her saying “I just want to thank you for her day and also for everything you do for us! It really means so much!”

I like creating good memories…and yesterday will never be repeated or matched in mine!


Comments on: "Signup for COW’s" (4)

  1. This made me smile. I think you and I, Lou will be THe benchmark cows. Love you heaps – and they are sure some good memories. Maggs

  2. I’m a CALF still… Crabby annoyed lost female.

  3. I am CALM… Cranky Absent-minded Lost Male. LOL

    What is a skort?

    You sure attract them. LOL. I can just imagine the scene, you with your head on the desk and your colleagues all giggling. LOL. 🙂

  4. wildstorm said:

    I feel like a cow just by appearance carrying around an unborn baby with six very long weeks left. Mooooooooooo.

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