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A new day…a weekend ahead.

Don’t worry bout me ok?

Tim continues to get one discouraging blow after another. He has never been better mentally, spiritually or physically in several years.

He really needs two things- a faithful friend and a job! He is ready to write his driver’s test too.

I need a building- I need a building- I need a building! Did you get the idea that I need a building?


What next…?

I found a lovely spot for my daycare. Yet the price is incredibly high. I countered the offer and hope because of the economy and the fact that the building has set dormant since it was built that perhaps there may be a reconsideration of the price. I dunno…

I am tired. Not just tired but TIRED…

Nothing ever happens as I would like to see it happen…

I am not down but my mouth is sore as I had dental surgery on Monday…

It is storming out so I am home tonight.

Tim plays the guitar and Tony blows snow.

Dooby is barking at the door…

I have a lot swirling around in my head but not sure if anyone really listens…


I am holding my head above water and still breathing without too much effort. I noticed K’s mother deleted her account on facebook after the weekend. I haven’t spoken with her as we don’t have that kind of a relationship. I have no understanding of a woman who cannot see the repercussions from the weekend incident. She is a volatile explosive person who I have no fear of but just don’t like messy confrontations and that is what she would make it. The last time I stepped on “sacred ground” I received an inflammatory letter from her at which time I called her at 11 p.m. at night and got her out of bed to very calmly tell her she needed to do some thinking and not reacting.

I have received some information on a spot for my daycare but it is very pricey. I need to make a couple more contacts and then wait for what seems like forever again!

Tim is working very hard at doing well and doing right. I am truly pleased as it is an alone journey with just us supporting him- his friends were not friends and they aren’t much interested in him at the moment. He has poured himself into his music, working out and skating. For those of you who have- continue to pray for him…and us as we need mucho wisdom in all our dealings.


Another incredibly busy and very different weekend. I had several people and issues to deal with…some very discouraging.

How can you explain to someone that what you do post on the internet is for public viewing? Kori has become friends with an older woman who posted as a joke in her info that she was “in an open relationship with Kori (last name too)”! I know K. and I knew it was what someone thought as a funny joke but I also felt that it was inappropriate. So now I am in trouble as her mother figures that facebook is a place between friends and family and for other people to not “bud” into people’s private life.

Ok…so when does private become public?

I asked to have it removed and now I am the bad guy…

How often do you see that so and so lost their job or their opportunity because of something similar? I just don’t want her reputation destroyed by someone else’s lack of discretion.

Valentines came and went…I got Tony the guitar he has craved for awhile now.

He had seen the John Lennon signature guitar by Fender. It is an old style guitar that fits him very comfortably. He told me on Friday that they had sold out so was very surprised when I gave it to him on Saturday…

I left to pick it up and since he thought that I was headed out for an appointment I said as I shut the door behind me…”it is okay to lie sometimes isn’t it?” Now…that set his wheels in motion!!

Another work week…wow the weekends go quickly!

A quickie…

Life continues to get in the way. Things are going really quite well around here except for the occasional foolishness that we have experienced from a certain sector for the last several years.

I guess Tim never got that job and that really hurt him but he will eventually find what it is that will suit him.

Here he is after he decided to get me a birthday present…

I woke myself up from a weird dream that involved the President of the US staying at my place…shakes my head!!!

How is everyone?

Saturday Update

I have been slowly fading away from my internet connections. It is not about you guys but about me. I find my time is so taken with my childcare business and work in the evenings besides trying to juggle my other responsibilities that it is best to just not turn the computer on.

I miss you guys though! Different things throughout the day will spur a memory of you! Hopefully life will be less stressful soon.

I had a very quiet birthday but it usually is. I am not a fanfare sort of person but this year I did tell people it was my day as I figure it is quite an accomplishment for me to get this age without somebody strangling me! hehehehe! Oh and I got something for myself with money given to me this week…you would never guess!! try to ok?

I am going to get my building for my childcare. I am in the low numbers flux again but know this is part of the cycle. I had a psycho mom that I was able to maintain somewhat of a relationship with until this week and things could not be resolved so she is taking her “toys and going home”. Not everyone appreciates what they have do they? Sadly her little girl will be the big loser in all of this and I cannot even think about how this will affect her.

Soooo…I have to go prepare menus and grocery lists for the week, work on children ministry plans, and my daycare schedules as well as clean my house, do the laundry and make hubby and son happy!

Oh…and I am quite content with my life…crazy but content!