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Daycare Spaces

You don’t see much of me do you? I can promise but I don’t deliver when it comes to keeping updated. Life is crazy with my business, spring activities at the church and just life in general. If I sit down at the computer it seems to aggravate my hubby too.

I have an amazing opportunity on a building- it needs some work done on it but the company that is leasing it has told me to go ahead and attempt to register. On Friday another man that I had spoken with about a property approached me and wants to set me up in a building!! Both of them are appealing- we shall see which one makes the most sense.

I am going to work towards registering both and play it that way…there are always several obstacles in setting up a daycare and you know sometimes the obstacles become road blocks so rather than be discouraged I will pursue both opportunities. It would not be unheard of either to have both buildings.

I have an incredible amount of paper work to do and honestly a houseful of people who really don’t understand my need to get it done…there is always something to keep me from moving ahead! Momentarily I am blocking everything else out of mind and heart and starting the paperwork…

It is summerlike here today- what a great weekend weatherwise! Yardsales began today and I purchased an old fashioned wardrobe, hillfiger jeans, black pants and a few other items. Lots of fun!


Oh my…what a NIGHT!

Ok so for some reason they thot they should take a pic of me as I sat on the bed…


Here I am just having toooo much fun!



I realized that I now have a “waiting list” at my childcare and am a bit worried as a friend just contacted me tonight to care for her two kiddos. I am not sure if I can safely do so…I am tired enough tonight I don’t feel like crunching numbers so will wait for Saturday after my mini vacation to determine whether I can or not.

Our new little guy fit in remarkably well- he is the sweetest little fella! I taught tonight at the kid’s group that Cindy and Rhonda head up and it seems they all had a great time! 17 kids having a lot of fun.

It is hard times in the Maritimes and most people have one struggle or another.

Toni/Periwinkle now has RSD- google it- because of her crushing her arm. Poor girl and her mother lives just too far and a border away!

It seems more and more like spring! I am in agreement with that!


Life may be normal again but not right now! no, I am not working at the newspaper but I think everyone is trying to get me caught up with everything that I have missed.

Tonight: a meeting, tomorrow night: another meeting and Thursday night: still…another meeting! Thursday night I do look forward to as I am teaching the kids that night. On Friday Rhonda, Cindy, Jaime and myself are headed to a motel for the day and night! I cannot believe they are letting us “out”!

Sunday I am teaching an open session in Sunday school as a special speaker on prophesy will be teaching and the teachers want to go so I offered. I do look forward to teaching but also am committed to teaching in Junior Church and have been busy with that for the last several weeks.

I am ok. Life is ok. I am at peace with my business venture and have made some very important decisions. I don’t think I will ever go “BIG” just “big” as I will lose the quality. 15 of preschool age with three teachers and an after school program elsewhere. This is perhaps even doable very soon…will be back with more information when things start to come together.

Today we made a ‘bunny’ cake and worked on an Easter tree…tomorrow we are making “Resurrection Cookies”.  We have a new little guy as my two who were  just  under one when they began are almost two! crazy how time passes.

Bedtime but just had to drop by and say “hi” and love you!