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A Quick Update

Today being a holiday in Canada I spent most of it inside. The weather remained dark, cold and rainy for most of the day. I cleaned and sorted, planned and tossed in an attempt to become better organized. I have boxes of things to put in the recycling bin and hope someone can get some use out of them.

I received a disturbing message from one of the men responsible for one of the buildings. He announced via email that those in authority over him have determined to not rent at this time but may level the building for downtown development. I am not impressed nor satisfied with this decision. I do not trust it to be true either. We shall see…

Due to vacation time I still await an answer from the other property. ho-hum…should have figured huh?

How are you? I am in shock that Shannon and Don got married- wow! I go offline for a few days and people up and wed- anybody else do so and I don’t know??


Just waiting

I contacted one gentleman last week in regards to my daycare space with a request for information for my venture. He wrote me back saying that he had got caught up in meetings and couldn’t answer my query. I said “N/P” and haven’t heard back since.

I am known to be “too nice”.

I met with the other gentleman in reference to the other building on Monday. He was emailing and faxing info that day. He would “get back”. He still hasn’t.

Tomorrow both men will hear from me. I am reverting from “too nice” to just “nice” and if that doesn’t work I will try the stiff upper lip and evil eye.

I know that both of these men are busy men. Now me…I am not busy am I?