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I Have a Crazy Busy Life

My days are action packed and really quite fulfilling.  I love my children and find such freshness each day as I meet the challenges of these little people.

I eat well and since cutting back on my caffeine am sleeping great. But…I need to somehow balance my work/ministry/home so there is “me” time. Unless you lived my life you really couldn’t understand could you?

Up at 5:30, packing lunches, doing laundry, planning meals for home and daycare…feeding pets, and answering emails…run LOU run! Out the door at 7, clearing the garbage, tidying Cindy’s, starting lunch and cutting up fruit, greeting parents and doing laundry…catch my breath- eat a piece of watermelon- grab a glass of water- empty the dishwasher and sit down a moment. Time for a cuppa green tea?

By 8:45 Kori is in the door and we plan the day. I do more talking as she is down to a grunt these days. Tired, anxious and gaining weight which makes her CRANKY! her landlord asked her yesterday if she was preggie!! He is not in her book of favorites at the moment.

Circle time and crafts…dancing with the kids…FUN! Preschool basics and emergent reading for my 3 and 4 yr. olds. Lunch is served- today we had Shepherds Pie, corn and  for dessert, banana splits, cleanup, diapers changed, laundry put in and then the beds are pulled out. I pop a movie in for the older children while the babies slumber. It is at this time that I can usually catch a few minutes of kicking back.

With Nara starting it doesn’t always happen as she still naps in the morning and the afternoon too but bypasses the time when the two year olds sleep. However she skipped her morning nap the last two days and did actually sleep when the others did. Nice! At 1:20 I take Jess and we go to School 1 where I drop her off to pick up Ashley while I head to School 2 and pick up Aiden and Gracie. We then pick up A. and head back to Cindy’s. Some days I go to the bus stop for 2:00 p.m. to pick up Taylor then back to the corner by Cindys to pick up Melodie at 2:05…*sigh*… it is now time to wakey wakey the kids, and in relays feed them their snack before heading outdoors to play. By 2:30 p.m. I am heading out the door to pick up Josh and arriving back just in time to get Konnor! Is this nuts or what??

I get home for supper anytime between 5-6 p.m. but try to make at least five of the seven big dinner meals a week. Dishes get cleared, floors swept and by then somebody usually needs a drive somewhere or there is something going on that I need to be at. Last night I lit my butt on the chair for dinner and Tim and Jess asked me to take them shopping. By the time we got home it was after 9 p.m. and I fell into bed shortly after 10.

Can I keep up the pace? I am not a spring chicken…

Bottom line…I need a building and a staff…I need a van and I need time off…or…


don’t want to hear the OR-

I am done…


Seasons Change…and so do I!


An absolutely spectacular Fall day! Frost on the grass but golden sunlight kiss the crimson Maple.

I woke up today feeling upbeat and ready to do business. The day has wearied me!


Now…all you photographry type peoples can you tell me why my camera blurs pictures when I have it set to take a pic in 10 secs? I thought it was from me moving but stayed perfectly still soooo not that- THEN I thought it from being too far away so moved closer so noooo…not that either! My older kodak digital did a much better job than this little  one.  Any thoughts?

forTony 186

Love my Weekends

Yeah…I should have had some ritalyn today as I am wired! not unusual for me but whether it is because it is Friday and the weekend is coming or I am so at peace within myself today I am not sure.

I have always loved life and felt it a journey to happiness…but there have been some heavy burdens on my heart over the last few months. I continually am self aware both physically, spiritually and mentally and do an evaluation hoping to change whatever it is or learn to work with the circumstances to ease the stress and pressures.

Cutting back on my coffee to early morning was a fantastic idea. I now wake at 5:30ish and get up before my alarm at 6 which gives me just enough time to be to work by 7:10. I like to be here even earlier as I can tidy the place up and prepare my heart and head for the day.

Today I only had three children so asked my husband to attend to them for 1/2 hour while I ran out before 8 to get the bargains and Bargains I got! I reviewed my grocery slip and had saved $45 on 1/2 price bakery and meat items. Incredible! Today I will check out my Save.ca site and see what coupons are available…I thought of that as I was going through the checkout.

I watch my weight and make the appropriate changes to limit my fat and eat a very well rounded healthy diet. Yeah…some people think my idea of delicious is GROSS! I like lean and others think I look better with how much meat I have on at the moment…how bout half way?

The weekend…oh how I LOVE the weekend!

I hear my baby in the background…she just woke up from her cat nap- time to tend to her!

Hump Day!

The hamburger drains in the sink to remove excess fat- the noodles wait in cold water for lunch time, the dishes rinse as the dishwasher runs for the first time today and my kids munch down on peeled apples and water. They have all had their breakfast before arriving but I usually cut up bananas and apples to supplement their healthy lifestyle.  After my early morning glass of water while the coffee perks I eat a banana. It sustains me until later when I eat my daily fare of oatmeal, blueberries and applesauce.

I get here first every morning and hustle through to clean up Cindy’s mess. She lives alone and lacks luster in her tidiness. I am not complaining, just observing. After this stolen moment I will head out and make some rice krispie squares for a sweet treat after school today.

The sun filters in my window and dapples this screen with puzzle pieces. I am a summertime girl and dare not think of the winter. Focusing on whatsoever things are good and true and of good report helps a lot. Negativity breeds negativity and I steer clear of those factions. I count my blessings and hold onto them like a child discovering the sweetness of a lollipop for the first time…

Hip- what?

A really upbeat sorta day. I was reading kittenheel the other day and she mentioned that things were going like they are because of the ways the moons align, etc.. I don’t know much about that stuff and don’t trust the future by the sun and the moon and the stars but I do believe there is something to it.

Tonight I fell asleep after dinner for a good two hour nap and now it is 11:30 p.m. and I am wide awake drinking green tea- “naturally decaffeinated” or so it claims. I am extremely pleased with how cutting back on my coffee has given me a good night’s rest. I usually have a couple of cups in the morning but by 8:30 a.m. I determine the rest of the day will be green tea or water. I drink gallons of water.

I am so enjoying having  Jess, Tim’s girlfriend live with us. Some people frown on it and think it seems they are living together but they aren’t. He has his room- she has hers and since I am a night wanderer I know who is where at bedtime. Jess is so different than Kori. I love Kori too but she can be hard to handle- probably that red hair huh?

Tonight I asked Jess what we needed for groceries and her and Tim tagged along and added a few things to the cart. “Can I borrow 5 bucks for tights?” she questioned.  A moment before she had added sparkling cranberry drink to the cart.

She likes to borrow my clothes too and has taken a liking to this 70’s jacket…


I am fine with whatever she borrows but I cannot imagine borrowing some of her cheetah shirts or shorts and have no clue who Anthrax is except she wears a t with that gaping face on it.

I get a kick out of her as she says quite often “you look hip!” Uh huh…

I need a female living in my house and she fits the bill quite nicely.

Almost midnight and I am wide wide awake…NOT GOOD! I get up at 5:30!


Tony and I talked intelligently this morning. I don’t feel adults have to always be on the defensive. Unfortunately it hurts the male ego if what you are saying even smells of criticism. He admitted that he has been negligent in looking after the old car as he seldom drives it. Yeah so I guess I do need to step up to the plate and check my oil. It is the turbo charger that probably got starved when the car was low on oil and is now complaining with a hollow whistle. Let’s hope it continues to complain and not just quit as that is what it is warning us. I won’t be taking the old car any further than a 5 mile radius as is and we are running her on borrowed time.

Having children is a huge challenge. Being married and staying married with all the hazards to living is the biggest challenge. However after helping Lori learn to drive and getting to see some of her hubby’s bad behavior patterns I realize how much worse it could be.  He is an arrogant toad and I have to bite my tongue sometimes. Note: he was fired from helping her learn to drive. They have an older car that is a standard transmission and he insists she learn on that car, that they cannot afford driving school and I am to be the teacher.

I am a teacher. I love to teach. I love Lori but I don’t even like her hubby. I will love him because she is loveable and smart and if she is there must be something loveable about him.

Time to tend to kiddos…enough raving about a couple of 200 plus kiddoes wearing men’s clothes.

Lou’s Terrible Horrible No Good Day

At 4 I called Tony from work to give him supper instructions- chicken burgers, fries and would he kindly cut up some tomatoes, lettuce, orange cheese and put some mayo on the table. “Mayo??” he questioned. Duh- or- so I thought but it made sense later.

I walked in at almost 6 p.m. knowing I would meet myself going out for a driving instruction by 6:15. On the table was the worst looking “mess in a bowl” I had ever seen. Hubby had cut up the veggies, doused with mayo and plunked it on the table! HUH?? I snickered and asked why he had made THAT? “What do you mean??? YOU TOLD ME TO!!” he snapped back. “Uh no, dear I did not tell you to. When have I ever even asked you to make a salad for me?? Let it go…it is funny but I NEVER told you to do THAT!!” well well well…all I wanted was for him to say that he misunderstood my request and not that he had followed my instructions. Oh dear…

I left in the old car as Tim wanted to go for a drive. I am like that-Accommodate- notice the Capital A?? About halfway there as I turned the corner I heard a sharp beep-beep-beep! What?? I reached back into my memory to last November and remembered that it had happened then and was a signal that the car is low on oil. Ok…so I am in the middle of traffic, no extra oil with me and no cell phone! I drive to Kevin and Lori’s and into the apartment building parking. I parked in an open space but figured it was designated. Kevin drove up on his motor bike- “Ahh…Lugene you are in someone else’s spot and will have to move.” I knew that. I was prepared to move once he told me where to move to.

Besides I needed to check the oil. I did and I could not see any on the stick- NONE! So I asked him to check it for me and he announced “I see no oil on the stick- you need to check your oil more often!” I was angry and told him quite self righteously “THAT is NOT my job!” and it isn’t but it was at the moment. So I had to call Tony to come look at the car, fill it with oil and listen to the odd wheezy sound when I accelerated. It didn’t sound like a motor problem- maybe something to do with our turbo charger?

I took Lori out for her drive and she did much much better. Upon my return Kevin told me that Tony had been over and filled the car with oil. Ok…why hadn’t he traded me cars?? Now I was worried about the noise and it being dark and remote where we live. Long story short I did make it home but I am still mystified. Really…

I find in general I am very self reliant and seldom call on a helping hand but I surely like one. I don’t think I should have to ask for one…the car should have oil in it, the tire pressure should be right and the garbage needs to be bagged and taken out. I cook, clean, do laundry. and so on and so on…I know he got dinner ready tonight but it was very simple or I wouldn’t have asked for him to do so. I wonder sometimes if because I haven’t been demanding and needy it was detrimental to my own feeling of security?

I dunno but I sure hope Tuesday is better than today…