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January 28

Sometimes life takes a spin that takes you off course for a day or two. On Monday one of my best friends discovered that her dad was terminal. Last evening she called to tell me they were calling in the family to spend final moments with him. Since I use her home for my childcare I made a snap decision to call everyone and use the church for childcare. Now that is a challenge as it is a big open space and the kids go berserk! But the girls and I made it and all in one piece!

Last evening Cindy’s niece, also my friend and the mom of Ashley (one of my kiddos) called from the home. She had made the trek down to say her final goodbyes to her Grampy. She was pretty shaken and when I saw her facebook status I realized that she had many regrets. It said “In twenty years you won’t regret the things you did but the things that you didn’t do”. For her it was spending time with her Grampy.

Tony’s mom passed 4 years ago and we had no regrets. I was doing my college course at the time and missed two semesters because I insisted we travel to see her. I remember her saying “there is no need of you being here every weekend!” When we laid her to rest in early January I was thankful that I insisted that we needed to be there every weekend. I did 6 courses in 6 weeks to graduate on time and she was definitely on my mind when I walked to the front and received the award for the highest average in my class-she always was so proud of our achievements.

You have time to do what is important and people are important…right?


January 27

Ahhh…it is GOOD to type in a date as then I remember what other things besides my everyday happenings is going on today. Today is my younger brother’s birthday! cool- I will have to hop on over to Facebook and wish him a Happy Birthday. He just became a grandpa for the first time- that is exciting! I have been a grandma for 15 years already and that still seems unreal to me.

I haven’t posted on wordpress much but have with recent events determined to make it my “home”.

My life is going to get increasingly busier as I have some papers in hand for my daycare facility…finally!

One thing people cannot say about me is that I am impatient or give up easily.

Me and my younger brother a couple of years ago.

Oh and one of him, his wife and new granddaughter-