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The Lights are On But Nobody is Home

I am reading. I am not really writing much. Once again there is just way too much in my noggin to express what is going round and round in there.

I haven’t been my usual chipper self. If anything can go wrong it has tried to. I am really trusting God in it all- He is totally trustworthy.

On that notion- yesterday at one of the Farmer’s Markets a woman proceeded to talk to me about the world, galaxies, etc. and I felt led to talk to her in return from my Christian perspective. I think my calmness and lack of being insulted by her mockery surprised her. At one point she asked “Where do you come from?” After I responded I asked her why she had asked as it seemed a strange query. “Because you know the Bible so well!” was her answer. Ok. Had she thought me a Tibetan monk from another life? It ended with her wanting me to come back and talk with her again next week!

So…yeah…all is ok. 🙂



For the birthday wishes. It was really one of the worst ever…hehehe! oh well! I don’t do celebrating me very well do I?

In fact I couldn’t even keep my eyes open for this pic taken today…and as usual- it is blurry.

…and love you bunches too! 🙂

Not Around Much

I just wanted everyone to know all is ok with me in my personal life. I am just really stretched at the moment. There are several concerns I have at the moment and I am wading through them. If you believe in prayer-which you know I do- please pray for me and mine. I am tired. I am stretched and if I think too much about it- stressed!