I am reading. I am not really writing much. Once again there is just way too much in my noggin to express what is going round and round in there.

I haven’t been my usual chipper self. If anything can go wrong it has tried to. I am really trusting God in it all- He is totally trustworthy.

On that notion- yesterday at one of the Farmer’s Markets a woman proceeded to talk to me about the world, galaxies, etc. and I felt led to talk to her in return from my Christian perspective. I think my calmness and lack of being insulted by her mockery surprised her. At one point she asked “Where do you come from?” After I responded I asked her why she had asked as it seemed a strange query. “Because you know the Bible so well!” was her answer. Ok. Had she thought me a Tibetan monk from another life? It ended with her wanting me to come back and talk with her again next week!

So…yeah…all is ok. πŸ™‚


Comments on: "The Lights are On But Nobody is Home" (4)

  1. FeynmanFan said:


  2. The fact that she wanted you to come back is a great thing. Sounds like God is using you, and you have planted a seed in her. πŸ™‚

    That in itself is AWESOME!

    I do hope that things get a little more balanced and that you start feeling more peace soon *hugs*

  3. I see no contradiction between a Christian belief in God and the universe. I hope you do go back and talk with her.

    We take little steps in life. Some are painful and others are like walking on air. I hope you get through the painful steps soon.

  4. You are sowing seeds, working the garden, Lou.

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