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It is what it is…

I am around. Life has been extremely busy- good but busy. We have been doing some long overdue updating of the interior of our home. Painting, countertop, doors, etc. have been the order of the day. We purchased the flooring for the kitchen but that will have to sit for a few days. Everyone is tired. Besides all of that there seems to be winds of change in our life. A move may be in the offing…sigh…

Probably so as my daycare dream is close to being a reality- the building is mine if I want to go ahead. If we do move it would seem to be why I wasn’t able to get my building. You know I am fine with whatever…I will be successful in whatever and wherever I go. If we do move I will so miss my children…some have been with me from the time their mom’s went back to work after maternity leave until now and many are now in school. But…it is what it is- and there are more children and more families wherever we move. My husband has not been happy in his work for a long time and he needs to be or the household is affected. A man wants to be the main breadwinner. He has suggested we stay here and he resign from his position and I establish my daycare. Nah…that isn’t where he would be happiest would it? Life is too short for that.

I am thankful for a weekend off and snoozed on the couch after work. The hockey game blares in the background and my closet is calling me to come clean it as we need to replace our hot water heater and THAT is where the thing is!


Missing Blogging

For several years my daily rituals included blogging- really expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings with the written word. When JS crashed it was bittersweet. There had been a lot of angst and cliques there but it was community. Since that day blogging has never had the same flavor. I started on Blogger and then wordpress. It was refreshing at first to find KCL where many of my dear friends were blogging. Unfortunately I felt the need there to delete loupylou and come back incognito just to read.

Recently many of my dear friends have left KCL and I have no desire to continue my weak attempt at blogging there. So here I am once again trying to get back into the whole scheme of things.

Today I am taking off from work to minimize and maximize my living space. I had hired a woman to help in the process but due to a family situation beyond her control she had to cancel at the last minute. Not a problem- I took those dollars and purchased paint that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Yesterday Tony seemed surprised at my sudden interest in really getting it done. I explained to him that since Cindy has put her home on the market I have to be prepared to move back home if necessary. There are a few spots to crackfill, doors, walls and molding to paint so hopefully today a lot can be accomplished. I am struggling with whether to paint my cabinets or leave them “wood”. It is a HUGE decision as once they are painted you cannot go back.

The cabinets are 20 years old and in my mind very pretty. I like wood. Last weekend I washed them down with TSP and then used Murphys Oil Soap on them, polishing them to a warm finish. Yesterday Tony took an extra cabinet door that we had since we took down a cupboard to put in the stackable washer/dryer and lined the door with his router giving the cabinet a “wainscotted” look. He put a coat of white paint on it to give me an idea of the finished product. I wouldn’t go white anyway but either an off white linen color or a faux finish of painted on rubbed off yellowish white. It would be beautiful and totally update my kitchen. Above the stove I would remove the panels in the cabinets and either put in glass or chicken wire to be able to put a lacy cloth on the shelf and my nicer dishes. Still not sure.

Things have been up in the air for awhile- should we stay or should we go? That is another reason that I want to get the house fixed up- in case selling is in the future. I have always thought I would like to flip a house. I have in fact done that three times but the homes being ones that we had purchased to live in and then totally redid them before selling. I have never put a house through real estate and sold our homes in areas where things weren’t moving in two or three weeks. Thankfully I am good at interior design. Interestingly enough I seem to pick up on the trend before it comes in and decorate accordingly. So when it comes in a year or so later it seems I am still not out of date.

I didn’t sleep well again last night. Two nights of restless sleep but I do have a tremendous amount on my plate and I am not a kid anymore…sigh…


Painting, cleaning and minimizing both at home and at Cindy’s. So tired last night that when one of the dads came in to pick up his son I said “I need a breast!” I meant REST!!! oh man…poor dad lay on the floor laughing! *shakes my head*

Will I ever hear the end of that mistake?

Saturday, April 03

It looks like we will be having the longest spring that we have experienced in several years. Really though here in Eastern Canada we had an amazing winter- with just enough snowfall and only one really cold spell. My kind of winter for sure! However it seemed places like Texas and the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. tended to get our share. Odd year indeed! I am not a winter person. As a kid I loved winter- skating, cross country skiing, sliding and just enjoying the cold temps. Now- I sit and listen to the birds outside my window serenading me with the promise of warmer temps even today and that is what delights my soul. Today the temp is supposed to rise to a minimum of 20 C.

Yesterday we helped Cindy paint her home a palette of buttery yellows, sage green and a deep blue for her bathroom. It is beautiful. Cindy prepares to sell and there is no reasoning with her. Her brothers have convinced their younger sister that she cannot afford a place of her own. How about deserve a place of her own? She has it already so why not keep it and at least have the equity in a few years time? I add up the numbers in my head and figure she may spend $200 more on her own place than renting- but she doesn’t have the headache of neighbors and is putting aside those dollars towards herself every month- not paying the rentalsman. But why try to talk to someone who has stubbornly determined that everyone else in her life knows best?

I have a lot to do. Someone yesterday asked me if I have a list and I replied that I do but that instead of making list after list after list I need to start checking off what is on the lists. I am NOT in a good place in my life. Oh well…right?