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Feeling so Much Better

So in rebellion to gaining a few pounds over the last year I determined to head to the gym. Last August over two weeks I gained 15 lbs.. Now 5 would have been okay but 15 was a tad disconcerting. I was eating no differently. Nobody ever notices my weight gain as I do not change sizes and just add an inch or two all over. It would help if someone said “your getting fat”! I did a google search and decided that finally I must be headed through the “change”.

To complicate matters my cat scan showed that I did have some health issues that would be alleviated somewhat when I finally got through this time of my life and my body quit producing so much estrogen. The scan also showed that I have degeneration in my spine. The doctor ordered an MRI. He suggested that I either go to a physiotherapist or chiropractor to have him align my spine. He wondered if I had an injury when I was younger? oh yes…several falls! He went on to suggest that eventually I may have to consider an operation.

A few years back I had problems with my sciatic nerve and headed to Curves to see if their exercise program would help. Within a month I had lost 14 inches, my sciatic nerve had been soothed and lost several pounds. I mentioned this to my doctor who said that it certainly was worth a try. I joined Curves May 10 and after my first workout it seemed like I had had a soothing massage. Things improved daily. This week due to Monday being a holiday and a nutty schedule I wasn’t able to get there until Thursday- wow- was my back ever achy by then! I squeezed in my workouts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday although the whole time I was there I was wanting to run out of there and do things I considered more important. But they aren’t! My back is doing so much better with this gentle stretch and exercise! I forget it was hurting and am back to running everywhere.

Here is the added sweetness to the mix- I have lost 6 lbs since I joined which takes me down 8 since last August- just 7 more to go to reach my goal. Nice huh?

One thing for sure…Curves just gives me the added boost to my metabolism- it really does work for me- just 1/2 hr a day of exercise at least 3X a week.

I am a proactive sort of gal…it is important for me to do what I can to improve myself. I have learned to do what I can with what I can and let the rest go.

One lesson I have learned is that what I want to do in life is my responsibility. I would never get to the gym if I waited for the schedule to be clear. Except for the improvement in my health nobody would grouch me if I quit going all together nor make it easy to get there either. I am still by everyone’s standards “tall and thin” and look just fine. On the other hand they really didn’t know how badly my back hurt either or how afraid I was of how much difficulty it was giving me as I just never let on.

I guess I am stubborn. 🙂


Saturday, May 29

Up early as usual but after a very short snooze. I work this morning with my consumer from the CDBRA. Her desire is to go yard saling and do a few other things…it is ALWAYS interesting. This week I will have coffee with my facilitator from this organization. She has something in mind and has eluded to it a few times. We shall see.

My life is changing a lot. Over the next several months we will probably be moving. I am really ok with it all. Some have voiced their concern as it will mean giving in to my dreams/aspirations for a childcare centre. That is ok…there are children everywhere- right? I will be successful wherever I go…I have that confidence, not cockiness but confidence. I am good at what I do but it hasn’t “just happened”. It took years of experience and training to do this job the way it needs done.

We are taking a giant leap of faith over the next few weeks.

Besides that I am blessed to be headed to Toni’s in MD for a few days. My sister in law insisted and even purchased my tickets to fly out of Maine! wow! She thinks it will be fun having a big sleepover…it will be.

My time online is limited as my head is still quite cluttered…my thoughts disjointed and much effort is put into meditating on what God has for us and praying for guidance.

Looks like a beautiful day though in the neighborhood!

May 11, Tuesday

It has been awhile since I posted or kept in touch with my internet circle. I have been extremely busy with life in general. Someday I will be in a position to wrap my mind around all that is going on in my life and put my sentiments down.

Uncertainty in the future still prevails. Regardless of where the road is leading I do know that God is in control of the situation and we just need to continue to trust in His guiding hand.

We decided to do some simple renovations that due to human error- the clerks at the flooring franchise- what started out as a half of a day reno turned into 2 days of holding our own with them over the mistake that they made and 2 days of putting down twice as much flooring as we started out to do. Sigh…Tony put in the last piece of laminate in the kitchen at 10 p.m. on Friday evening- just overnight and a few hours before we were serving brunch to a young couple being married. I was happy to leave things as they were as I also had a bridal shower planned here for the Saturday evening but he persisted in finishing up what he had started in spite of the dilemma that we found ourselves in. Both the brunch and the shower turned out great!

The flooring store had assured us that the product they had in stock was identical to what we already had in our living room. We wanted to tear up the kitchen floor and take back the living room floor an adequate amount to weave in the same flooring and run it into the kitchen. It is a beautiful antique oak. They guaranteed that the box end with the number 643 stamped on it matched up perfectly with the product. The exterior product in the box and on the display also proved in tricking all of us as after all the prep work was done and the flooring taken out to put in the new it was entirely different! The click system was not close to the same and the product was not as thick as the previous one! After two days of wrangling they admitted responsibility and supplied the 250 sq feet for the living room free of charge. Sigh…so that meant we had to tear up the living room floor also! Just twice plus more work.

Our hot water heater went. Everything from my closet was in the bedroom and now everything loose from the kitchen and living room was in there too as well as the clean laundry piling higher as I tried to lend a helping hand in the renos. I may have made the “Hoarders” show for a few days! But now the painting is done, the flooring is done, the counters are done and the bedroom is almost in order. The flooring we took up from the living room will go in the bedroom to replace the old carpet so if I can get past the last week I can say we are much further ahead…sigh!

Hope this finds all of you “sane”- :-)!!!