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Tuesday, June 08

Life is as usual whacky- so I could say it is normal?

On Saturday this week I was to stand with my friend, Ricky as his mom in his wedding because his mother would not. That isn’t happening as his fiancee’s father had a heart attack and needed an operation. Because of the risk factor he and his fiancee were married in the hospital so as her father could give her away. Just after that he died. Awful huh?

So in place of a wedding there is a funeral on Thursday and a wedding reception on Saturday. I am still responsible for the cake and will wear my fancy new sandals and dress. Personally I wish they would have waited as this is such an emotional time for them.

The other alternative was a week from Saturday which wouldn’t have worked.

I leave for Maryland via Bangor airport on Monday- June 14 and come back the Saturday, June 19 of the wedding. Bangor is a good 51/2 hrs from home.

My husband is on a month vacation and will resign within the week. We have no idea what is next but that is ok…just done here!

I got measured at Curves today and in less than a month I have lost 7 inches! I swear by Curves- it really works for me.

I have resorted to one email addy- loubablair@hotmail.com so please feel free to contact me that way and let me know what is going on in your life!