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Vacation has…come and gone!

The kids are all but gone…Moe and Jack and Emma for another year…sigh…Colby drops in long enough tonight to catch a few winks then heads to the Yukon at 6 a.m.. Toni and her crowd will be back at the end of the month for a wedding so we will make some sort of connection at that time.

Tim and Jess have “their” apartment and will be moving out of here and into there within the next few weeks. I have let them know that I prefer them waiting until marriage to cohabitate but let’s face it- is it not hypocrisy if people are sleeping together anyway and pretending that they are not? This just takes the guesswork out doesn’t it? Yeah…I am old fashioned and really wish that the economy of the situation did not rule over the morality of it. I need to be careful I do not throw the first stone as people- I was pregnant when I got married- you know? *shakes my head*- AND I DO NOT want to be a “do as I say and not as I do” individual.

So we know within the next two days whether we are moving from here…on the one hand I am excited but on the other- I love it here- love my friends too! Change…the older I get the less I like it.

Nick has on my glasses and a dart backwards in his mouth…Jack and I have matching glasses…I LOVE this pic of them! Tomorrow I will post a pic of my granddaughters…