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It has been AWHILE…

Yup…and much much has transpired over the last few months. Tony finished his “term” in Moncton and accepted a position in our new location- several miles and hours from Moncton- early in August. It has been a hectic summer with letting go of my childcare, packing up and moving!

Things are going well. Tim stayed in our hometown- he misses us terribly. I am sure it is my good cooking and care that he misses more than anything. However when Montreal plays hockey the phonelines between us burn up as he and his dad call back and forth, commenting on the progress or failure of their favorite team.

Life is different at the moment as I haven’t worked outside of the home since Sept. 01. I am used to working long hours and never having time for anything. These days I tend to sleep in and stay home- keeping house and applying for jobs. We only have one car so Tony takes it and goes. We chose a property outside of town- a beautiful location away from civilization. I am thrilled! I have a position with a doctor’s family in January- she already has a young brood and is expecting twins! It will be 35 plus hours a week. The upside is that I can pursue my in home childcare business and become licensed while I work. The downside is the start date.

On Monday my Ma and Pa have convinced me to head to my daughter’s in MD for a few days but upon my return I will apply for positions in retail as I have to have something for the Christmas season.

I am not discouraged but a little mystified as to what I am supposed to be doing in the moment…strange for me you know?

Hope you are all well?