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Here I am…

today…needing a hair cut desperately! My hairdresser is still back “home”- a good 2.5 hrs. away…I am very fussy you know?

It has been a good holiday with lots of “Manic Mondays”- horrible weather that ranges from torrential rains to a snow storm today.

I finally start my job- next Monday at 10:00 a.m.. I cannot wait- for the pay cheque! not to work…although it is a good job.

How was your Christmas?


Lou has Got to Get Back her Groove…

Oh the weather outside is frightful and has been for most of the week. It is dark and snowy but the trees on our property are very pretty with the freshly fallen snow. I worked some full weeks at the local Chocolate Factory, Ganongs on the Christmas Utility Crew and did everything from relabel almond bark, to load pallets for shipping. I amused myself traipsing through the warehouse pulling a pallet jack and wearing steel toe workboots. It was nice to dispel the “girlie girl” image for once!

It was hard physical labor and it felt good…:-) This week I have determined to get my closet and room in order as well as make plans for what needs to be done in preparation for Christmas. Missing my daycare kids has overridden my joy at times but I keep reassuring myself that someday, somehow things will be better than ever, right?

It doesn’t help that on facebook I get messages from the moms of the kids about how much they miss me and the younger ones do not understand why I have left them. One little 21/2 year old boy misses me for “Gene’s hugs” but I don’t think he misses me half as much as I miss him and the other kids.

We are down to one car for now. Hopefully once I start my fulltime job as Mother’s helper in January we can get back into the swing of things and purchase a second vehicle. A four wheel drive truck will probably be the way that we go as living out here in the middle of nowhere in the winter calls for just such a vehicle. My hubby is already dreaming…:-)

I am also lonely for the friends that I have left behind…for my kids and for the way things used to be or should be in my way of thinking?

I know however it is good and right and just as it is supposed to be…and God has a purpose and a plan in it all- I just have to come to terms with it.

I don’t give up and just lay down and let the world go by- I have called a relative and tomorrow will drop by to visit her. On Friday I have made plans with a young mom to stop by and visit her and her children with hopes that she w