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Oh Where Oh Where have I been?

Tuesday- the second day of being my own boss again. It has been a long time coming. One year ago we moved to this area- 160 miles from Moncton. Tim stayed over there and is now redoing his course on Steel Fabrication. The move was great for him and he has certainly matured over the past dozen months.

I worked in a daycare last fall, then took a job with better pay and more hours but was fired before I started it! Imagine that?? I hadn’t done anything untoward. They changed my hours the night before I was to start and I had already made plans for the next day which I could not change- so they fired me!! Nice people and I am sure with the firing I dodged a much worse lethal bullet.

With that happening they filled my position in the daycare so I had no job to go back to even. Over the next month I odd jobbed it at the Ganong’s candy factory which was a real sweet treat.

In January I took a position as a nanny/housekeeper/mother’s helper in a doctor and his wife’s home. It was wonderful! There are four kids- twin boys who were two months when I started and a two and a four year old. Mom was home a lot of the time and we became fast friends. It worked quite well. When I accepted the contract we set a date for when I was to be done and looking back that was very wise. Otherwise I may have been there when the oldest started university and not kindergarten which he did this fall. Yesterday I started my in home daycare with one little guy under one. It worked out well as it gives me time to get ready, freeze some meals and finish making my fall preserves. Next week his older sister joins us- the parents have joint custody and she is only with the mom every second week. On Oct. 17 one more starts and then one in January. I already have several inquiries for next year. I can handle a couple of part time children over two still this fall but am just waiting until the right ones come.

The. quiet. is. deafening. Imagine coming from a busy household of four rowdy boys to me and a nine month old little guy? Tony heads to his office early morning. It is all good though as I have a lot of catch up to do around here. I am trying to avoid the computer as I know it can waste precious time.

Last Thursday we celebrated our 39 wedding anniversary. Is that a long time????

My granddaughter really could not imagine why her Papa looks so grouchy…oh well! he sure doesn’t like his picture taken does he?