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A month of Summer Gone already…

Summer 2012- three more days and I will be on a much needed vacation! I have been busy with the in home daycare. Haven’t always felt the best over the last few weeks. However it is just the normal indigestion problems that I have experienced all my life. The doctor called it “chronic indigestion”. I have had a few tests that actually points to there being a congenital defect- my bowel is up too high. I am truly thankful that it isn’t anything deemed serious. I think if I would be more cautious about what I eat and actually take the meds that the doctor prescribes I would feel much better. Once I see her I do think I will get into a different lifestyle of eating. I actually am quite careful but do drink too much caffeine.


I miss journaling and all that goes with it. It really kinda ended for me when Journalspace went down. A lot has happened since those days. Our youngest son, Tim completed his education this year and is working in the job of his training- steel fabrication. He is not the same person he was even 3 years ago- finally grew up and assumed responsibility for all his actions. I love living by the ocean- it is a couple of minutes from our home. It stays quite moderate temperature wise both summer and winter.

Life is busy- when hasn’t it been for me? I would love to get back into this journaling…sigh…I feel kinda empty and boring when it comes to writing out my life…