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Best Laid Plans

So as I sit here and type my mind goes back 24 hrs.- a phone call that changed my today and tomorrow and next few weeks. Just a brief ring holds such an impact! It was the hospital calling to tell me there was a woman in emergency- a woman needing surgery- someone whose life was on the line. I lost my place but hey- that is encouraging is it not? 

So now I regroup and rethink and replan and wait until April 02 for surgery. 

I stood at the sink this morning mulling over the last 24 hrs and knowing that I am to be still and know that He is God- that was when I drove my hand deep into the water and felt a sharp pain. I had broken a glass and it had cut a deep wound into the top of my right finger. Talk about adding insult to injury!!

The sun is shining and streaming through my window- one of my loaned children fell asleep on the living room floor and the other pours dry macaroni from container to container. Lunch is ready and so am I…



Will I ever blog routinely again?

Blogging was as natural as breathing. That was before. That was when. Before JS crashed- when it was fun being a part of a community and forging friendships with people. After that crash it was as if there was a pause and somehow I haven’t hit the play button again. I facebook- I facebook because that is where everyone dots their i’s and crosses their t’s these days. I hated it at first but have learned to enjoy keeping contact via this social network. 

My days are full and busy and tomorrow will be fuller and busier as it is storming here in Eastern Canada and there will be no school. That means my two after school girls will join my preschoolers for the day. These two girls are sisters and could write the book on Sister Rivalry! All I can say is – wow- or maybe WHOA!! Realizing a storm was hitting I made a mad dash to the dollar store and stocked up on crafting supplies.

Wednesday- Thursday then Surgeryday…and thankfully off of work for the following 10 days. Cancer- but caught early and if the CT scan is right- it has not metastisized, Having always been diligent about my health and proactive has once again proven life saving. Two ultrasounds showed nothing but I pressed further- “I want to see a gyn- something is wrong”. The very sweet gyn turned very grave after my examination and three biopsies and the pathology report confirmed her fears. Thankfully the CT scan has not shown that it has metastisized. The oncologist says “Your Ct scan is beautiful!” smirk…they will dissect and test while I am still under and determine whether they need to take any lymphnodes then.

God is good…

Someday I will write about this journey. At the moment I am too busy living and being alive and loving life!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring…and it is coming in with a vengeance!.