Turn the Lights off

It is Fall and time for me to add a few red highlights to my blonde. I joked with my hairdresser today saying that it had to do with the red maple but I hoped that when the leaves fall off of the trees my hair doesn’t fall out. I guess although it is a change it could be considered predictable…consistent. The second time that word has came up today- the first in child rearing and the expectations that kids have of you. Years ago a couple in leadership explained to me that they had dealt with all kinds of families. Some believed in spanking while others preferred a more gentle approach and surprisingly enough both worked as long as the families remained consistent in doling out punishment. I have unfortunately some children who are consistently defiant and hard on the other kids. It takes an extra portion of my grace and a lot of love dealing with one in particular.

So today I parked my little Sentra a few yards away from my hairdressers and walked back. Two hours later I returned and put my foot on the clutch and turned the key- “click click click”. This is a joke- right? I tried again but then became concerned that perhaps I could burn out the starter. I really had no idea but my mind started playing games with me…we have only had the car for 10 days. I had prayed over a small inexpensive older car with low mileage for  a long time then this green 2001 Nissan Sentra in immaculate condition with only 90000 km came along and within our price range. We could pay cash for it as well as license it and the truck with the money we had left from income tax. I like this little car and named her Greta…

So I called Tony on my cell and broke the news to him. He was handy and would be there in five. I thought long and hard…what makes sense? Dead battery? Had I left the lights on…had I had the lights on? No…but wait. When I had got in the car earlier there was a lot of heavy dew on the window and I had been uncertain about the wiper switch…hadn’t I thoughtlessly touched the light switch too searching for the wiper switch? I glanced to the light switch…yup! I had inadvertently turned the lights on! PHEW!! the battery was dead…not so bad! So with a push I was able to let out the clutch and start her up! Thankful…AND I will be very conscious of that. Its good it happened in broad daylight with help nearby.

Well its not broad daylight now…I am breaking the promise to myself to go to bed earlier. Hard though when you hate to go to bed as you may miss something.


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