Dark Days of Late Fall

Being tired seems to be my mantra this past week. So much to do and so little time to fit it all in. A double batch of orange hued rice krispie squares laden with Hallowe’en sprinkles, hot milk cupcakes in skeleton liners for daycare tomorrow and peanut butter fudge done and delivered for Griefshare. I am rebelling and not doing the every night out lately. Doing preschool and pre preschool as well as keeping the house clean and organized for daycare is not a simple task. I really hate the ghoulish macabre slant this holiday has taken. Browsing the dollar store last night my eyes were assaulted with severed arms and legs covered in fake blood and ghouls. Its just worse now since everyone is into Zombies. Tomorrow the kids and I will play fun Monster Mash type of music and dress up with attire from the Tickle Trunk, throw balls in the gaping pumpkins I painted and bob for apples…pretty fun and pretty innocent.

I think I got a compliment today. In a facebook debate site I could not follow the conversation and realized that the woman who has me blocked had been debating that thread. Of course I could not follow it so mentioned it took me two hours to figure out why it was so disjointed- the individual who has me blocked was commenting on the thread leaving large gaps in the debate. I received a pm from a woman saying “I feel better now. That woman also has me blocked. I mean if she has you blocked and you are the single most more polite person in there than me- well!” I was polite the day I got blocked. I had voiced my opinion on pro life and she is pro choice. She didn’t agree and posted a comment. I answered and poof! her comment was gone so then mine made no sense. I didn’t realize she had me blocked so removed what I considered to be a senseless comment. Later I figured out she had me blocked due to our opposing views. Do you think it wise to go into a debate room and block everyone who doesn’t agree?

She may be talking to herself before long. Who am I to talk- I talk to myself all the time…this blog is a good example of that!


Comments on: "Dark Days of Late Fall" (1)

  1. Why block in the first place over this subject? If someone is going to block those that they oppose, they might as well get off social media.

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