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Its almost my BIrthday…

Another year has come and gone. It is so incredibly hard for me to believe that I am just that closer to 100 than I was last year. Seriously time has passed so quickly and especially this last year. I am sure though it is not passing as quickly as some would like it to- people who are suffering from serious illnesses or under the reign of terror from ISIS or some other cruel faction. Its hard to understand what this world has become. It needs a paradigm shift. There are a lot of maps that are way off the grid!

Yesterday one of my after school girls commented that when her baby sister gets into grade 3 I wouldn’t be needed to look after her anymore and I smiled and said that since I would be 65 then I probably would be retired anyway. Her face looked puzzled as she said “You will be 65 in 6 years??” I guess most 59 year olds aren’t starting their days at 6:30 a.m. and ending them late into the evening are they? Today we climbed a mountain of snow and I either tossed the kids out into the deep snow or rolled down the hills myself.

I saw a video that eluded to the fact that people who look after their grandchildren even one day a week have a better chance at not getting Alzheimers. Well my grandkiddos are so far away but God has blessed me with a ton of kids that I love like my own…good thing.

I took a selfie a day early for my birthday…the fine lines around my eyes are really not so fine anymore…I suppose if I were born or married into money I could do a little botox but hey- I earned them there craters!

So tonight on the eve of my 59 birthday I am sitting listening to the hockey game and eating Doritos, drinking coffee as I reflect on the many yesterdays that have already came and went…and the people who were part of those yesterdays…