I am a refugee from Journalspace. When my town got torn apart by bad drivers- not sure whether they were drinking or not- I set up camp here. Camp has now become home and I am making the best of it!!

I am kinda old, married and probably boring for those of you who would have a hard time getting into my eccentric head…I LOVE children and work with them. I LOVE men and am married to one. I LOVE less than catty females and welcome friendships!! I love the elderly and ain’t far from that destination! I love the Lord my God- and this is in no particular order!!


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  1. Hi Lou, I have slowly been finding people from JS. I am still not sure how all of this is going to work out. I really do miss JS.

  2. Good to see you Roz!! I am slowly finding JSers too but need to figure out how to add them if they are not on wordpress!

  3. I also am on wordpress. I am juneo1.wordpress.com. I am trying to understand how to link with others on here, but have not figured that out yet.

  4. Right now, I am at blogspot. My address is: http://thelighthousekeeper1@blogspot.net.

  5. hope you have a good week

  6. SiouxMaiden said:

    Hi Lou!
    I finally created something on blogger, when I figure out how to add you I will surely do it! Hope you are well!

  7. Bud Klutz said:

    hey there, kiddo:)

    belated Happy Birthday!!! been reading you for a spell now but didn’t know this option was available for contacting you. we males can be a bit slow on the draw.

    i’ve managed to thank nearly everyone with the exception of you and Toni. you kids from JS have my deepest and most sincere THANK YOU for your encouragement and prayers. our marriage survived and giving all praises to God for putting you and the others in my path.

    you’re still slogging thru….i see. i dunno which would be worse. dealing with the munchkin’s parents or trying to sell newspapers to obnoxious people.

    will be keepin` my eye on you:)

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