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Its Been Too Long…

Life has gotten in the way. Days are filled with kids and preschool and potties. Evenings are centred around Griefshare counseling, Kid’s group and teaching others. Life is not boring. But…I get tired. Thoroughly enjoyed a three day weekend. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and I cooked a turkey before we headed to a nearby community to visit my Ma and Pa and his dad. After going through cancer last year I have determined that yes staying home and getting much accomplished is easier on the head but really not profitable in the big picture.

On our return Tony took the back wheel off of my little car to see if it needed a bit of grease and did just that.. so..greased it. No squeaking today! I proceeded to throw together an apple crumble and a turkey dinner with all the fixins. Hubby kinda looked down about no family around again this year so I admonished him to make his own memories and stop depending on the past. Life is too short…or wait…sometimes it seems too long!

Saturday I got a little car…for me! Sunday driving down the highway and shifting it from third to fourth I shouted loudly “FREEEEDOOOMMM”!!! I reminded myself of my 16 year old very fun crazy granddaughter, Emma. Poor child has been told she is very much like her nanny. Living 7 miles from the closest town and working from home has its drawbacks. One is that Tony’s office is in town so once he is gone I am carless. I have had offers to borrow but I loan…not borrow.

Perhaps I can get back at this some…